5 Sales Tips that Make Sense

June 8, 2012

Being in sales does not mean having to come up with catchy pitches or aggressive tactics. Most people see those coming a mile away, which automatically defeats the purpose. Being an effective salesperson means developing rapport and trust with your prospects to gently persuade them, not overwhelm them.

Using a common sense approach to sales professionalism can take some behavior modification on your behalf, but it can be done. With practice, you will learn to be a better sales person, and increase your success. Instead of building a sales career on guilt, you can build one on integrity. Read on to learn 5 sales tips that make the best sense.

  1. Learn to be a listener. Do you find yourself doing all the talking to an audience of prospects who stare at you with blank looks on their faces? If so, you are shortchanging your efforts as a sales person. Instead of talking so much, try becoming an active listener. Take the time to really hear what your prospects are saying, ask for clarity, and then address the individual need rather than try to sell a person on something not needed. You’ll get less resistance and earn more respect this way.
  2. Know your product or service.  Before you can sell a service or product to someone else, you must experience it personally to truly understand all its benefits. Therefore, do your homework and take the time to learn as much about the company and the offerings you represent. Think of things from your customers’ point of view and try to think of all the possible benefits and disadvantages of your company, including what the competitors are offering.
  3. Get to know your clients. Want to be a better sales person? Take the time to connect with your customers through non-sales dialogue. Find out what their interests are, their likes and dislikes. As you build rapport with prospects and clients alike, ask for feedback on the job you are doing. Use this valuable time and information to enhance your sales skills and grow in your career.
  4. Provide solutions. If you want to mature as a sales professional, then you need to learn how to present and provide solutions early on. Again, this goes back to knowing your clients well and also understanding what your company has to offer. Take this one step further and offer the right solutions once you have identified the present issue.
  5. Offer the extras. To really “wow” your prospects, try throwing in something extra to surprise them every time. Go the extra mile to show your clients how much you appreciate their business. Give something away for free once in a while. Let people try things before committing. Do whatever it takes to prove to others that you are serious about their happiness.
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