6 Ingredients that are a Winning Combination

June 8, 2012

The toughest environment to build business within Ohio is the one you work in. The internal climate is always one of growth, challenge, and opportunity. For leadership to be successful you need to be a positive communicator and a focused problem- solver.

The layers of success are really three-fold:

  • Relationship: Teams and goals go hand-in-hand and aligning strengths together create opportunities that build to organizational mission.  Every mission consists of individuals committed together to complete each task, and with everyone focused on commonality, completion becomes a group effort.
  • Stress: Both good and bad, stress creates the ingredients of urgency and motivation. It is essential that stress is looked at as positive whenever possible and each pressure has to be considered a shared aspect of both leadership and focus.
  • Change: It is critical as both manager and leader to realize that change is the only certainty in this economy. Doing things efficiently creates continuous internal competition and that energy brings ideas to the table that did not exist yesterday. No matter what change is needed, doing things better will make for tomorrow’s success.

Across every aspect of the organization, the promise of success is a continual cycle of effort and responsibility. Everyone involved has to stay sharp with the following:

  • Confidence: Knowing what to do and getting there is at the heart of creative competition. Self-reliance and hope are blended into the right strategy that everyone can work with and adjust.
  • Enthusiasm: Optimism and spirit create a climate and culture that everyone can make better through results.
  • Attitude: The more positive the workforce, the more committed the team no matter the daily challenge; when the morale is positive, the results are completed through rapport and common purpose.

A winning combination does come from an organization that is enthusiastic and confident. Winning is ensured when relationship and change are supported in a positive environment. Making things happen gives everyone an advantage. The foundation is always based on winning friends and influencing people; Mr. Carnegie has been right for a long time.

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