Develop a Winner’s Attitude

June 8, 2012

Is your attitude in line with success? Or do you have an attitude that almost guarantees failure before you even begin? This is perhaps the most important area to clarify if you indeed want to attain a high degree of success.

Developing a “winner’s” attitude is one of the most basic characteristics needed for achievement. Unfortunately, this is not something that society ingrains in us. Rather, we are more likely to be taught the exact opposite. We learn at an early age to play the ‘victim’. This allows us to absolve ourselves of any responsibility for what occurs in our lives. Naturally, when something good happens, we are quick to take credit. Yet, when something negative arises, we rapidly move in the mode of blame. It is someone (or something) else’s fault. We point the finger at whatever we can. This allows us to feel better about ourselves by believing that we are not at fault.

The destructiveness of this mindset is that many go into that mode before they approach the particular situation. They have their alibis lined up prior to starting. Thus, when failure does arise, it is a simple process to assign blame. Unfortunately, someone operating under this concept does not understand how the mind creates what it focuses upon. By concentrating on all that can go wrong, the mind actually manifests this. The decision to find blame allows the mind to rest. Once it is satisfied that it found who was responsible, the creative process is ceased.

This is not what successful people do. Their attitude is exactly opposite. Instead of figuring who to blame or ways to avoid responsibility, successful people take this head on. They carry the mindset that they will achieve the desired results no matter what obstacles are encountered. All responsibility falls on their shoulders. Once they decide to do something, it is only a matter of time before it is accomplished. Anything that hinders the forward progress is overcome. All action is taken with the intent on achieving success. Any other possibility is never enters their mind.

Eliminate the excuses from your life. Blaming is a habit guaranteed to relegate you to a life of failure. It is the attitude of those who do not truly believe they can be successful. Winners take responsibility for the outcomes in all situations. Believing that you will be successful beforehand increases the likelihood that it will come true. Approach every task with the winner’s attitude and you will instantly create better results in every area of your life.

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