6 Aspects of Sales Success

July 30, 2012

Sales success here in Central Ohio is truly derived from two categories that often do blend together: personal and professional. Making the connections in sales have to be genuine and earned from customer loyalty. Paying continuous attention to every ingredient will make the client relationship very strong. Everything happens through relationship and with focus and purpose. Being dedicated to the following aspects of sales success are critical:

  • Know the customer: Establishing both needs and wants will always determine the outcome and its success. Customers buy from sales professionals they know and trust. Give them the time needed to get comfortable.
  • Be an expert: Knowledgeable professionals know both products and services. They know the competition. They are life-long learners of the industry they sell in. They always tie expertise with value. Their presentations are thorough and complete in every category.
  • Be engaged: Offer ideas for customers that are not typical sales pitches. Have a genuine interest in the customer first; they will soon do the same. Ask questions that start conversation and eliminate uncertainty and doubt. Be friendly and understanding.
  • Offer solutions: Every problem needs a solution. Customers want answers and come to your products and services because of need. Each solution should be as unique as the customer. Listening is essential to share important alternatives.
  • Respect the customer: Accept customers regardless of temperament or situation. Uncover the reason if and when a client is upset or blunt. Every customer has a story; just ask.
  • Serve the customer: Long after the sale, make sure the customer knows that you care. Stay in touch so that you remain on their “radar”. Success is sales is built solely on service through satisfied owners and their referrals. Always follow up and follow through.

It takes a special person to be a successful sales professional. Never takes things personally and always take accomplishments professionally; a sales career is one where you can make as much as you want in income or a little as you want. Every day, the choice to Win Friends and Influence People is paramount to continuous improvement.    


This blog post on sales success is brought to you by the great team at Dale Carnegie Training of Central Ohio.

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