8 Areas of Focus for Central Ohio Leadership

August 17, 2012

Leadership, direction, change, management and results all are key variables in any organization here in Central Ohio. It does not make a difference in you have a manufacturing facility in Franklin County, a restaurant in Delaware County, or a large farm adjacent to Licking County; every type of business undergoes change and operates in directions that focus on success and profitability.

It is not easy as the economy still is slowly recovering from situations of late 2008 that still exists across the Columbus area in continuing higher fuel and food costs. We are continually learning from both our employees and our customers on how to make the key adjustments needed to prosper each and every month.

Leaders in our area need to be focused on a multitude of issues:

  • Strategy: Continuous assessment of activity across the organization will give the team direction and focus.
  • Vision: Looking ahead into the next quarter and assessing growth and opportunity will help ensure both opportunity and success.
  • Strength: The better the people, the better the business and organization; hire the best employees possible and give them the tools and the training that keeps them that way.
  • Energy: Positive people bring energy into every aspect of products and service. A culture of this type is almost always focused on prosperity for everyone.
  • Decisions: Gathering information through across the board communication will help leadership make good decisions and better the odds for problem solving.
  • Quality: The highest standards for all areas of the business are set and continually assessed for process improvement and excellence.
  • Expertise: Talented employees contribute ideas, suggestions, and continuous conversation that make the business better. Allow a climate of discussion to blossom and watch the people grow.
  • Responsibility: Accountability and empowerment give every one equal responsibility and an equal chance to make improvements to procedure, product, and customer service.

Leadership and employee appreciation blend together no matter the organization or business. It is safe to say that winning friends and influencing people will never go out of style in any economy.


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