5 Strategies as You Start Your Small Business

September 6, 2012

You have worked in corporate but it went away with the economy, and you have worked for others in the past. But lately you have been really considering working for yourself; you have a passion for something you think people want and you are ready to pull the trigger in an exciting and new direction.

Paperwork and legality aside, you really need to focus on the one thing that makes you and the small business different and build on that niche. A singular focus always keeps things simple. Dale Carnegie of Central Ohio can really give you a vast array of information with leadership, sales and related fields. It is important to define what direction you are heading. Your goals and objectives are tied directly to it.

Now your small business is up and running. And you have followed advice and you are heading where you thing you need to be. Now what?

  • You must be the owner not the worker bee: Anything that can be done by others, hire it out. You cannot be the bookkeeper, salesperson, marketing director, and public relations guru and be the owner too. Assess both money and time and decide whether it is worth you doing it all with no help. You now own a business not a job.
  • You must continuously network: Attend as many events as possible to get visibility for the new business. Grow a list of contacts. It is only through relationship that clients are gained.
  • You must charge prices reflective to your type of business: Look at value not discounts when you put your pricing together. Everyone wants a deal in this economy and deal means cheap. Be clear with your clients Otherwise, just get the phone number 1-699 dscount.
  • Learn when to say yes or no: Some customers are great and some not so much. You want to help everyone but is it worth it when the client is labor intensive and difficult. It is okay to turn down a client. It is your business.
  • Stay on the game plan: It is all about client acquisition. Be clear on where you want to head and how much you want to grow. But growing too fast is almost sure to collapse the business. Grow slow. Take clients and employees on only when you can handle the load.
Now is is all on you!

Congratulations on your new small business. It is always about people, purpose, passion, possibilities, profits, promise, and patience. Stay with these “p’s” and you will see progress!


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