5 Sales Ingredients to C.L.O.S.E. the Deal

October 12, 2012

Salespeople across Central Ohio have to handle a variety of sales objections. Objections are part of the sales business and giving your customers a great experience helps to manage that. No professional likes to hear a client say no, but it is part of the sales process. Utilizing the advice of How to Win Friends and Influence People is still the number one way to lead the customer to the tree things they want: products, services, and success. Dale Carnegie Training can indeed make a difference.

Some salespeople, especially when they are new, are afraid to ask the client for the business. They are not so much afraid of the client saying no as they are of that lousy feeling of rejection. No one likes that feeling.  But having a thick skin, a good sense of humor and a very short memory really helps. Closing the deal becomes the goal of every sales professional. It does feel good when you help a client with a problem. Follow these five close ingredients:

  • C: Commitment to the sales basics is essential. Meeting a client, listening to the issues, and showing the right products are all fundamental to growing the skills needed.
  • L: Lucky is also a key ingredient. If you are there at the right time with the right product and service, and you are helping the right client, then nothing will go wrong; too many rights.
  • O: Opportunities develop when you do the networking needed to meet potential clients. It is never what you know or who you know; it is who knows you and who refers you.
  • S: Strategies for effective sales closing come from doing your homework. Learn one new technique every day and read books and articles on sales, objections, and closes.
  • E: Enthusiasm for your profession, your team, and your clients will bring only more success. People buy from people like themselves and most clients enjoy an upbeat experience.

Follow the above C.L.O.S.E ingredients and the doors will open with both clients and income. Both go together.


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