5 Strategies to Reinforce Organizational Progress

October 26, 2012

Getting better at what you do is very important is this still challenging economy. What we do in Ohio reflects what we are doing in the country. Making progress in business, regardless of conditions, makes the Buckeye State what it is.

But making progress is one thing, reinforcing it and growing it are other key variables to consider. Sometimes progress can revert back to the “same old same old”.  Sometimes when there is confusion or misunderstanding, people do what they have always done. Skills are learned through both reinforcement and coaching. Gaining ground is essential. Here are five strategies to reinforce the progress:

  • Empower people: Learning new skills are essential to success. What results happen after the learning takes place?
  • Give feedback: There are many types of feedback. What employees need is the right kind. Focus on the positives.
  • Follow up: Following up with individuals just make sense. Also follow through with both support and help; leadership is critical in in this part of the process.
  • Handle non-performance: Unfortunately this can happen in every business. One-on-one coaching and partnering with the issues can get an employee back to the right success level.
  • Managing mistakes: In any strategy to improve collective progress, people will make errors and create missed opportunities. It is okay to make mistakes when learning takes place.

Change is always a little uncomfortable. That is why people might falter and revert back to their former ways if the positive reinforcement is not there. Dale Carnegie’s premise that habit is stronger than knowledge makes sense in the change process. Support and coaching go a long way to cement the optimal behavior.


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