3 Ways to Build the Sales Relationship

December 15, 2012

Central Ohio is hopping with the Holiday Season as presents, large and small, are brought home and carefully wrapped and placed under the Christmas Tree. For salespeople around Columbus, it is a great opportunity to focus on understanding the needs of the holiday shoppers and making sure they have a great experience.

Trust in various sales relationships can mean the difference between success and failure. But how does a salesperson build trust quickly and effectively in any and every situation? And how can the trust be a consistent ingredient in the selling process?

The answer lies in three important areas of any relationship. In fact, these factors are important in every interpersonal interaction.

  • Be a great listener: Hearing is not listening. Listening takes energy and effort. And, as a skill, it grows with practice. If people think we are listening, they will share how we can help them.
  • Communicate with a pleasant and positive tone: Making people feel important and involved is fairly simple when the mood is upbeat and non-confrontational.
  • Understand clearly what is being said: Gathering information in a conversational way and asking questions that provide clarity help create the right atmosphere for both the buyer and the seller.

Initially everyone is a little stressed in a buying situation. It is even more stressful during the hectic and fast-paced Holiday Season. Placing people at ease is the first priority. Asking open-ended questions and building rapport by listening without interruption, will go a long way in making the most of every opportunity. People buy from professionals they like. Even more importantly, every sale is closed with an honest dose of trust. Listen, communicate, and understand. It is the only way trust is built.


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