5 Ideas for Your 2013 Game Plan

January 10, 2013

Here in Central Ohio, we are used to success. Our universities (Go Bucks!) and our high schools all have excellent athletic programs and are among the best in academics as well; but what about our businesses? It takes organization and discipline to grow organizational success. It works around Columbus in our academics and our athletics. We need that same focus in our work environments.

Getting your team and your business organized in 2013 is an essential goal as we speed into the first quarter. Organization is a simple blend of communication and message. Paying attention to detail and getting everyone on board is just a start. Here are five ideas for your game plan:

  • Be in contact with the team: On a daily basis make sure that e-mails and phone calls that focus on “same page” strategy are a regular aspect of the agenda.
  • Everyone has the same calendar: Regardless of responsibility or function, teams must know when goals and objectives must be met. A competent calendar has no surprises.
  • Assessment: See what is going right across the teams and applaud the success. Address what is not working and apply improvement strategy to fix it.
  • Keep notes: Document what went right (see above) and documents what went wrong. Over the course of three or four months trends the trends become clear and adjustments can be made.
  • Find the good to find the bad: In How to Win Friends and Influence People, Part 4 focuses on changing people without offense. Mr. Carnegie first principle in this section is a simple one: Begin with praise and honest appreciation. Beginning to solve a problem with an honest effort of praise keeps things positive and ensures the organization will grow.

Success begins with a simple Carnegie Principle. How we do it will make or break how we organize our teams for growth. Through positive influence all is possible.


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