8 Factors that Make a Difference in Sales

January 31, 2013

stuart Miles salesAcross every sales force here in Central Ohio, the best salespeople always seem to stay the best. Week after week and month after month, these sales pros get the job done. As new salespeople get into the business, they are often amazed at the results turned in by these skilled individuals.

What makes these people excel? With roughly 20% of salespeople in this category, what can the other 80% do to get into that select field?

Here are eight factors that can make a difference in sales:

  • Confidence: Assuming success is a major aspect of the sale.
  • Quality of listening: No one ever has listened themselves out of a sale. The good salespeople know this.
  • Control: Steering people from wants to needs truly increases the chances to close the sale.
  • Sincerity: Being honest and forthright is something the customer recognizes quickly in every interaction.
  • Authenticity: Just being one’s self and being real goes a long way in both friendship and likeability.
  • Learner: No matter how the sale went, write down the good and the bad and improve the next opportunity.
  • Servant Leader: Helping people is a basic human aspect of what we are. Doing it naturally is a key component to sales and leadership.
  • Trust: People buy from people like themselves and they trust people they like. Being a serving professional goes a long way in success.

Bringing value to our clients ensures them the opportunity to assess what we have to offer and make good choices for their families and themselves. Pay attention to your clients and involving them in what you do just makes sense in this economy. It sets the best salespeople apart from the average ones. The best know that truly caring for their customers is their “secret sauce”. Sales success often means continuous improvement. And opportunity means never waiting for something to happen.

Hang with the best and we will be the best.


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