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February 6, 2013

IMU NetworkingIt is that time. You have read How to Win Friends & Influence People and you are now ready to grow your career or business and make it even better in 2013. You have not networked a lot over the years, but you are seeing people more successful because of it. Especially for solo professionals, micro and small business, networking is a very smart thing to do.

Just as in Algebra, networking is a numbers game. Here in Central Ohio and across the Columbus area there is a multitude of events to go to. Area Chambers, Kiwanis, BNI, Rotary, Business After Hours; the list goes on and on.

It is not who you know or what you know. It is simply who knows you and who will recommend doing business with you. Visibility and engagement are critical. Regular attendance is essential so people see you, get to know you, and start trusting and referring you.

As you add up the growing list of contacts, you will find that good things will happen. Momentum is key to building opportunity. Relationships are indeed everything. The best way to grow is through your present clients and the new people you meet. This is the critical combination for success.

Selling yourself, your products and your services should never be in your event discussion. Give a business card when asked, and always just get to know the other person. It is essential to always remember that no one has ever ruined a relationship by listening. Out listen like you would out run or out jump someone. If asked, be very clear about the things you do and the services you offer. People will remember you the next time they hear of someone who could use your services.

It is human nature for us to do something and quit it because of boredom or lack of focus. But being a persistent networker will pay off over time. By attending as many socials and events as possible over JUST 90 days, will bring a degree of success to a career or a business.

Remember the best thing anyone can say: “Really? I know someone that does just that!”


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