5 Ways to Motivate Organizations

March 14, 2013

jscreationzs 3Motivating organizations has never been more important. Here in Columbus and around Central Ohio, it just makes business sense to get the most of everyone in the company. Individuals who contribute support a wide variety of both goals and objectives. Every business can only be more successful because of it.

With the general economy, Wall Street aside, we are still struggling with high gas and food prices. There are several key Carnegie like avenues that leadership can utilize that, at a minimum of cost, bring tremendous investment to everyone.

Here are a five that really work:

  • Create and maintain a positive work environment: Working is very important to people.  A comfortable and clean area to work in, with all the resources, can lead to continuous productivity and make a marked difference in efficiency. It is always the small things: chair, desk, and supplies that make the difference.
  • Recognize good people: When an organization singles out a team member and acknowledges a job well done, it is an important event. Although e-mail is one way to do it, a personal call or an office visit to congratulate someone has a much greater impact.
  • Flexible work hours: Getting a full day in is very much the key to success. But does it truly make a difference in the start time, especially for employees with young families? With staggered start times, morale can be bettered.
  • Training and education: Learning creates confidence and success. It is the Carnegie belief that there is no such thing as too much good training. Enhancing performance makes the entire organization stronger.
  • Leadership coaching:  Teaching employees and providing feedback are essential as a motivational strategy. People truly appreciate when you take the time to support and guide. Positive coaching is visible to everyone and a key ingredient to motivation and growth.

As everyone knows, money is not the number one motivator for most people. Being paid attention to in a positive way and being involved in important aspects of process are truly the best ways to create success.


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