8 Strategies to Create Opportunity and Sales Success

April 5, 2013

sheelamohan candidatesGood sales managers are a lot like good salespeople. Across Central Ohio, nothing happens in a business until a product is sold or a service is performed. The focus of a sales team is the astute blend of leadership and sales teams. Everyone must work together and gets it done. In fact, that team-driven focus is what Dale Carnegie Training is all about; getting to excellence in sales is at the heart of good leadership.

Here are eight strategies to create both opportunity and sales success:  

  • Ask everyone on the sales team for ideas and advice: Being a sales manager can often be challenging. Talk to other sales managers and leadership regardless of industry. Bouncing ideas around just makes things better.
  • Hold all the salespeople accountable: Lack of success often involves the lack of accountability.
  • Watch for a poor fit: Sales is not for everyone. Failing in sales helps no one. Lack of performance can truly hurt the individual’s career. Another position might be in order.  
  • Set reasonable goals and objectives: Salespeople. Equality and clear expectations will poise everyone for success.
  • Manage conflict: Salespeople will compete with each other. Discourage negative behavior. Teamwork really does work.
  • Remove roadblocks: Ask the team to come up with ideas when there are problems to solve. Be responsive when they come to you with issues and try to make an immediate impact on the situation.
  • Make sure solid processes are in place: Salespeople, managers, and staff often find themselves confused by complicated rules and commissions. Have clarity and continuity with work procedures.
  • Have an open door policy: Always be there for the employees. If your team trusts you, they will bring issues to you quickly and honestly.

Performance and sales go hand-in-hand. Good leadership will always foster good sales teams. Customers appreciate a smooth experience and will come back every time because of it. Organizations that deliver results know that success is indeed a team sport!


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