An Interview With Dale Carnegie’s Newest Instructor-in-Training, Maria Masoodi!

April 9, 2013

mariaWe have good news to share! One of our own from Dale Carnegie Training of Central Ohio, Maria Masoodi, recently completed the first conference in the process of training to become a Dale Carnegie Instructor.  From March 7-10, Maria was in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania learning and practicing to become an instructor.  In this recent interview, Maria shares her positive experience.

The training process to become a Dale Carnegie Training Instructor is very extensive, and it involves several levels.  In March, Ms. Masoodi went to Pennsylvania for the Core Competency Conference. It was a “Everyone must do this is if they want to teach.  The process is first taking the Dale Carnegie Course, then assisting the course twice with another instructor, then you go for a full-day conference,” says Maria, “These 4 days culminate in a “lab class, which is where participants actually teach a class.”  Passing the class depends on your Trainer, as “The Master Trainer will then give you the results – whether you passed or not.  This is what I went through, and I made it successfully,” shares Maria.

Ms. Masoodi’s Master Trainer, Mr. Clark Merrill, made a lasting impact on her, and she credits much of her success to his enthusiasm.  “He really made it comfortable for us and gave his own insights and value system, which was something I was in line with,” she says, “He was very inspiring and motivational!”

Now that Maria has successfully completed the Core Competency Training, she will now move on to Endorsement Training.  These are more specialized courses, and you select one at a time for another 4-day intensive training.  Maria notes, “I’m going to Endorsement Event for the Dale Carnegie course.  After this, we have to teach 2 courses with another trainer.  Then, we are actually certified to teach a solo class.”

Another exciting surprise for Ms. Masoodi was winning the teaching challenge for her group.  Her trainer, Clark, held a contest among each Core Competency class participants, “It was based on the votes of the group,” says Maria.  The prize for such an honor? “A book – which was inscribed by Mr. Carnegie himself,” she notes, “Clark actually collects the books that are signed by Dale Carnegie in his office.  He has a whole collection, and he brings one book to each conference.”
Although Maria learned a lot and had a wonderful experience, it was not without hard work and perseverance.  Besides the initial nerves and stresses, “The preparation for any of these conferences is really intense – you have to memorize a lot of information and really read a lot.  You have to be able to conduct the training as Mr. Carnegie would,” says Ms. Masoodi.  “I believe this was the best decision of my life – it was a great motivator for me.”
Maria had a significant takeaway from the experience, which included learning a lot about herself.  “Clark showed me different styles of doing certain teaching skills, along with the reasons why they’re done.  I had the understanding behind every concept that is taught in the course.  Ultimately, I understood the purpose – everything we do has a reason,” says Maria.  “We learned to see each participant as an individual, which includes their vision and where they’re coming from.”
Through it all, one lesson remains the most important for Maria, and that’s enthusiasm.  “It is the key to Dale Carnegie training.  I know with myself, I start with great enthusiasm and energy and it slowly goes down.  If we keep it up throughout, that is the key.”

Congratulations to Maria Masoodi on successfully passing the first course – we look forward to seeing you in the classroom!

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    I would like to know the cost of this accreditation course.

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