5 Factors that Leaders and Managers Share

April 19, 2013

jscreationzsMany people think that leadership and management, here in Central Ohio and around Columbus, are two distinctly different roles that authority in organizations need to use to accomplish goals and objectives. The true facts are that is not easy to separate these two very essential responsibilities. Many business situations, especially with teams and tasks, involve the blend or hybrid of both to create results.

It is interesting to note that ability and experience have to blend with management and leadership to assess the quality of the organization. Influencing employees and teams to achieve goals and work towards completing objectives is both within the leadership and management arena.  How processes are implemented and monitored for both success and opportunity make for today’s positive corporate environments. Although some managers simply are not good leaders, the gap between them is smaller and smaller as the businesses grow out of this sluggish economy.

There are five factors that leaders and managers share:

  • Giving direction: Guidance is needed to complete goals and objectives and it is central to accomplishments and positive relationships.
  • Skill assessment: Improving the levels of performance among departments and teams are essential for both goals and objectives.
  • Improving procedure and processes: The business must continuously improve. Cooperation and communication are integral.
  • Open culture: Having the ability to create messages, listen to different views and build relationships is the critical for managers and leaders. Being friendly and approachable are key factors.
  • Accountability: Everyone is held to high standards of productivity and efficiency. Making everyone grow in responsibility helps to create goal-oriented behavior.

These five components help support and promote today’s successful organization. Whether we call it leadership management or we call it management leadership, the qualities of authority, influence, and relationship will remain as the truest test of what collective success can bring about for years to come.


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