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May 6, 2013

ID-100113722Almost every decision maker wants a team leader who can clarify objectives and create specific goals/plans for their teams to achieve.

When you find yourself in a leadership position, you are the hub of communication as well as the intermediary between executives and employees. Because of this, your communication skills significantly affect the direction of your team.

To help you become a better communicator, your friends at Dale Carnegie Training of Central Ohio have assembled six tips to help you analyze and improve your own communication skills:

1. Remain Adaptable — Great leaders adapt quickly to new situations. When you encounter changes in your work environment, demonstrate flexibility and remain an example for your team to follow.

2. Act Approachable And Open To Change — Some of the best ideas will come from the employees that you manage. If others see you as approachable and willing to accept new ideas, they will be more likely to share these ideas with you.

3. Handle Stress Professionally — Keep calm in stressful situations and it will help your team do the same. Observe and control processes to make sure that one team member is not getting overloaded.

4. Work Creatively — Without creativity, your business cannot grow. Even if you have a novel idea, you need to continually develop creative solutions to stay ahead of your competition.

5. Listen Actively — Active listening ensures that you understand the other person’s concerns. Additionally, it allows you to provide a concise and targeted response, leaving no ambiguity regarding your thoughts.

6. It’s Not About You — The key to talking with someone is asking more questions and doing more listening. As all experts agree, you have two ears and one mouth; therefore, listen twice as much as you talk.

Great leaders communicate effectively and openly. They are also easy to engage in conversation. To help you become a better leader, consider joining us for an upcoming “Dale Carnegie Course Free Sessionbeing held in Zanesville, OH on May 29, and in Dublin, OH on June 25, August 20, and August 21.

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