5 Aspects of Employee Motivation

June 7, 2013

stuart miles MHere in Columbus and across Central Ohio, the challenges of employee motivation are always center stage. It is the subject at team meetings. It is an important conduit for Dale Carnegie Training, and it keeps both the organization and the culture alive and active in this still challenging economy as gas prices hit four dollars here. Keeping employees motivated is often a big job for any organization.

Here is our part of Ohio the focus has to be on the future and steady, continuous growth of our local industries. Confidence is essential as the 2013 calendar year hits the halfway point.

Sixty one years ago, in 1956, Dale Carnegie’s  Speaking and Influencing Men in Business was re-edited into yet another Carnegie best seller, How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking; in the book Mr. Carnegie writes:  Think success. It is easily in your power to do this. Believe it firmly and you will then do what is necessary to bring success about.”

This important definition of motivation is still true today. From this management classic, come the following five aspects of both success and results:

  • Achievement: Being the best every day is founded in both hard work and opportunity. Doing everything well and with consistency makes these opportunities happen.
  • Recognition:  Paying attention to people in a positive way and involving them in processes are central to strong organizations.
  • Honesty: Facilitation, support and feedback all combine as important leadership tools. Truth and honesty must come first in successful cultures with balanced missions.
  • Simplicity: The basics must be core foundation. Motivation can indeed come from the simple pat on the back and smile or that brief mention in a meeting.
  • Positivity: Relationships are everything. They influence others to do more than what might be         required; there is excellence found, when we take the time to look for it with others.

Achievement is indeed a team sport. All goals and objectives are derived and completed through motivation and success. Doing both is the mantra of the timeless array of Dale Carnegie Principles. The future is in our hands, regardless of the external challenge.


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