7 Traits of Leaders and Managers

June 21, 2013

jzcreationsz teamGood leadership here in Central Ohio usually means success and opportunity. Everyone knows what poor leadership can do. We have all witnessed managers who have never read or learned a single Dale Carnegie Principle.

We all know the undesirable traits of ineffective leadership, having witnessed arrogance, authoritarianism, quick and short tempered reactions, and boorish behavior. But as we shift our thinking 180 degrees, we can begin to consider the opposite, optimum aspects of successful leaders. Let’s look at the desirable traits that leaders must have to move organizations forward as we head through the halfway point of 2013.

Here are seven important leadership and management traits:

  • Understanding: Accepting and dealing with everyone, regardless of role and responsibility brings consistency in both problem solving and decision making.
  • Confidence: Being positive and certain with mission and core values make sense in this still slow to move economy.
  • Purposefulness: Firm and focused strategies that involve everyone makes the organization  a lot better.
  • Sense of wit: Although not everyone is light hearted and humorous all the time, every leader must look at the fun aspects of the job with a kind heart. It always starts with a simple smile and ends with patience and understanding.
  • Forgiveness: Mistakes happen. Look at the good things when errors and failure occur.
  • Expertise: New management that comes in from the “outside” must know the new company they are leading. Taking a month or so talking and walking the floor, and understanding the history and current situation makes the leader better.
  • Inspirational: Leadership andengagement bring inspiration and hope to both employees and the teams.

Thankfully, in our part of Ohio and across Columbus, the good leaders greatly outnumber the bad ones. As we grow towards 2014, it is critical we all follow the good leader as we grow our careers and our businesses.


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