6 Components of Leadership

June 28, 2013

jzcreationsz teamGood leadership is a must ingredient in businesses here in Central Ohio. 2013 is at the halfway point as we head into the 3rd and 4th quarter. Leaders always create and facilitate opportunities across the business environment, and without a high quality leader, a business can encounter an array of problems. The quality of management indeed makes a difference. People who lead must understand the bottom-line and they should have a deep influence on both the culture and climate in ways that challenge every person in the company.

Dale Carnegie’s principal text and most powerful book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, contains the dynamics of these ideas derived from excellence and commitment.

Here are six important components of leadership excellence that are shared through the words of Mr. Carnegie:

  • Leaders tell the truth: In virtually every aspect of corporate values and mission; they will always be honest and ethical, tell the organization what they can to move forward every day.
  • They lead with people in mind: Success always comes from within. The employees and their needs and wants probably the most important ingredient for achievement.
  • They like taking good risks: The status quo not acceptable. Risk is an option when it is well thought out. Change, driven by measurables, is usually part of any goals and objectives.
  • They care about excellence: The top priority is success. It can often come from both strength and team. It is always central to planning.
  • They maximize visibility: The team makes everyone compatriots who share similar beliefs and values; they try to maximize contact with everyone, even at meetings and events.
  • They count on everyone to contribute: For this type of leader, sharing makes success team-driven. Common sense strategies that involve employees are essential.

Fortunately, organization benefit from solid professional leadership. Dale Carnegie Training helps with mission and core values help it continue in positive directions.


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