Customer Service is Never Easy

July 12, 2013

jzcreationsz teamCustomer service in our part of Ohio is always as much a challenge as it is fun. Clients expect the best value in every purchase. Value is critical. And as we focus on How to Win Friends and Influence People, we try to provide excellence in every transaction. Dale Carnegie Training knows that process improvement is a continuous opportunity for success. No one is perfect and sometimes our service breaks down and we disappoint or fail customers and their expectations.

It is that way within many customer service situations across Ohio. We only have a set amount of time (with the client) and we only have four components to focus on: customer engagement, decision-making, problem solving and trust.  How we put these together and how we use them, says a lot about the company’s vision and core values.

Because customer service and the satisfaction it creates can give an organization both profit and opportunity, it is essential if it is managed properly and with purpose. If managed incorrectly, it can pose major problems. There is a vast amount of competition here in the Columbus market and the need to be the best is still important for success.

Let’s examine some additional ingredients that promote success:

  • Positive Attitude: Every day, every one of the organization’s employees must focus on the customer and the customer experience. Regardless of personal issues, every day is a good day for the client.
  • Service with a smile: When giving assistance, always do it in the right way. There is no question that goes unanswered, and patience is very important.
  • Paying attention to the customer: Every one quickly realizes when service is forced or fake. Listen to clients; they always have a story.
  • Trust and respect: Everyone is treated the same, like members of the family.
  • Enthusiasm: This attribute is simply contagious. Everyone enjoys it.
  • Support: Our employees and suppliers will always appreciate a team-focused service professional. Things go smooth where there is positive support and camaraderie.

Maximizing each moment is essential to service excellence. Outstanding customer contact means loyalty, productivity, and growth for the business. Being an organizational ambassador is as simple as the ingredients involved. The best message a business has comes from you.


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