Employee Engagement Matters

July 26, 2013

master isolated images teamEmployee engagement matters; as we all know here in Central Ohio and around Columbus, people are important. It is the collective workforce that brings the strongest ROI to the bottom line. Recent studies show that engaged employees greatly outperform the disengaged ones.

Employee engagement is a process that nurtures and improves success in the individual and in the team as it focuses on goals and objectives. As teams push to better engagement, it is clear some things have to be in place to achieve the mission of the business or organization.

Leadership must ask:

  • How is the relationship between the employee and the immediate manager?
  • How much core belief is there in senior management?
  • Is every single employee proud of working in and for the company?

Relationship is the key ingredient to continuous process improvement. If supervision pays positive attention to employees and shares objectives by involving them in problem-solving and decision making, employee engagement happens. A belief in senior leadership and the direction the company is going means a lot as well. Communication is critical, as information sharing and vision gets to every level of the organization.

Respect is also an ingredient in corporate success. It is indeed a two-way street. Respect improves loyalty and it decreases turnover. It has to be remembered that employees are an organization’s biggest investment and people indeed bring the greatest reward.

As 2013 continues to unfold, there are still too many businesses where employees are viewed as an asset to be managed rather than as individuals who can create the next innovation for opportunity and success. Long-term employee engagement always starts with clear and positive communication between the employer and employees; As Dale Carnegie Training suggests, fostering a positive working environment makes all the difference in the world for everyone on the team. Leadership and employee engagement are the foundation fo0r growth in this still slow economic picture. Make your team the engagement example.


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