Employee Engagement Means Organizational Success

August 1, 2013

ddpavumba meetingDale Carnegie and MSW Research recently partnered to conduct an Employee Engagement study on 1500 employees in the efforts to understand how motivation and engagement work together. The study revealed that there are four key factors that support an engaged workforce: enthusiasm, empowerment, inspiration and confidence. Sparking this engagement is essential within companies and organizations here in Central Ohio.

People make the difference in products, services, strategies, and technology. And it can be enough of a difference that a company here in Central Ohio is more successful than its direct competition because of these factors.

As we head into the latter parts of 2013, employee engagement and loyalty are more important than ever before to success and competitive advantage. In today’s still slow business environment there are no guarantees for lifelong employment. Gone are the days when people start a career and stay 35 years with a pension and a secure retirement. Experts predict the current turnover rate could rise could rise to 65%. With recruiting costs running approximately 1.5 times annual salary, the ability to engage and retain valuable employees has a significant impact on an organization’s bottom line. The question for leadership and management is how does direct supervision interact with the workforce to increase engagement?

A leader’s ability to pay positive attention to every employee and involve the team in both decision-making and problem-solving helps to create an engaged environment where employees perform at the highest of levels.

The biggest investment in any organization is the employee. Long-term employee engagement starts with openness and good communication and fosters a positive work culture and climate. This combination of relationship, belief in leadership and core values, and pride drives both opportunity and success.

The value of any organization, created over time by this long-term strength, is only driven by a committed workforce. The potential for growth and a clear career path makes everyone in the organization better; success is only through people. Winning friends and influencing people is still time-tested and rock solid.

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