Tips for Strengthening Your Human Resources

August 16, 2013

ID-10080773A business’ human resources department has two primary focuses: (1) Helping promote an ideal work environment that keeps your company’s talent within the company and (2) helping scout out or draw in additional top talent when hiring. These responsibilities are why having the right HR professionals in your employ can do wonders for your business.

Unfortunately, HR often is not looked upon with the same level of importance as other departments such as Operations, Information Technology or Sales. Or it might even carry a negative stigma. Television and films typically portray HR departments as a place of punishment, where employees go when being reprimanded. But in reality, a strong HR department should be a tremendous asset to your business by supporting and generating a positive work environment and fostering team unity.

To help you strengthen your HR department (and in turn, your business), here are five tips to pass along to your HR pros from your friends at Dale Carnegie Training of Central Ohio:

1. Improve Your Interviewing — Building a strong team starts with the hiring process. Far too many employers make the mistake of having no preparation or plan. However, the more effort you put into the hiring process, the more likely you are to get the top talent you want. To improve your interviewing, ask your HR pros to develop a dynamic interviewing plan by reading books and studies on interviewing techniques.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Creative — Flexible, fun work cultures are extremely appealing to existing employees and potential candidates. Most businesses are afraid to stray from well-known business structures and models, but companies like Google, Apple and Best Buy have made news with their unorthodox business cultures and the freedom they allow employees (such as eliminating set work hours and permitting employees to come and go as they please — so long as they get their day’s work done). Creating a unique work culture could just prove to be a huge draw for top talent and help keep employee morale high.

3. Shine A Spotlight On Employees — As the rise of social media has proven, people—your prospects and clients included—have a genuine interest in the personal side of businesses. Employee profile pages (employee picture, biographical information) tend to be the most visited pages on a business’ website. These staff profiles are also a great way to boost morale within your company by making your employees feel valued and integral to your businesses’ success, as opposed to a faceless, nameless cog in the machine that no one ever sees.

4. Strengthen Employer-Employee Relations — One of the leading causes for employee departure is their relationship with their boss. Healthy employer-employee relationships are at the heart of your business’ success. To help improve workplace relationships, HR pros need to ensure positive employer-employee relations by studying up on leadership training.

5. Maintain Corporate Clarity — Another task that falls under the HR umbrella is organizational clarity. By this, we mean your business’ goals, philosophies, policies, procedures and all the other components that make up your company’s culture. These elements form the foundation of any business and establish a unified work environment. But when these ideas are not presented clearly, employees make assumptions, and their first instinct is to do things their way. It falls on the HR department’s shoulders to maintain cohesion in the work place.

Despite what many think of HR departments, HR professionals in the real world are expected to wear a lot of hats. They are there when an employee is brought into the fold, there when an employee departs and everything in between. So do yourself and your business a favor and make sure your HR professionals are at the top of their game!

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