Seven Keys to Success in Small Business

September 9, 2013

ID-10093559The most important two steps in realizing small business success is to simply begin by taking action, and then be persistent. Yet, only one in ten people who want to start their own businesses ever develop enough courage to begin and enough persistence to continue. The fear of failure, more than anything else, holds people back. It paralyzes action, and it makes failure inevitable.

However, even if you know nothing about business, if you have a dream, you can build a foundation under it. Here are seven keys to accomplishing that from your friends at Dale Carnegie Training of Central Ohio:

1) Set a goal and back it with a burning desire. Nothing gets accomplished by leaving things to chance or by having a lackadaisical attitude. You must muster all of your passion and go for your goals with 100% determination.

2) Begin accumulating capital with a regular savings program. Nothing else is possible without this. You cannot move forward until you start a savings program that will be used to fund operating expenses and used to pay yourself what you need to live on.

3) Use your current job as a springboard to later success. Learn while you earn. Of course, this doesn’t mean to neglect your current duties; but if your new endeavor will be in the same industry, why not learn all you can while it doesn’t cost you anything?

4) Unless you absolutely have to start your new business on a grand scale, experiment on a limited scale so you can learn the key abilities necessary for success.

5) Search for problems, needs unmet, products or services you can supply of good quality at reasonable prices.

6) Read everything you can find on your chosen field. Remain flexible. Be willing to change your mind if you get different information.

7) Implement your plans with courage and persistence. Always have complete faith in your ability to succeed and never, never give up.

Here’s what you can do today to start moving toward entrepreneurial success:
First set a goal, make a plan and then put the plan into action. The key is to get started and do something. Second, resolve that no matter what happens, you will never give up until you are successful. Do those two things and you’ll be well on your way!

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