Use Your Creativity to Build Wealth

November 11, 2013

ID-100158808There are three main reasons why creativity is important in building wealth. First, solving problems and making decisions are the key functions of the entrepreneur. It’s estimated that as much as 50 percent to 60 percent of your time in business and in life is spent solving problems of some kind. So it stands to reason that the better you become at thinking up creative ways to solve the inevitable and unavoidable problems of daily life and work, and making effective decisions, the more successful you will be.

Second, each of us wants to make more money. We all want to be more successful and enjoy greater status, esteem, and recognition. Your problem-solving ability is a key determinant of how much money you earn and how successful you become.

Third, you can earn more only by producing more. You can become wealthy only by doing things faster, better, or cheaper and by becoming more productive. You can move to the top only by performing higher-value tasks, and this requires that you use more of your intelligence and creativity.

Most people function with very little creativity at all despite the fact that the average person has enormous reserves of intelligence that he or she habitually fails to use.

It’s said that people on average use less than 10 percent of their brainpower, and therefore their mental potential. According to the Stanford Brain Institute, the amount is actually closer to 2 percent. The small quantity is usually spent on day-to-day activities, doing the same things in the same old way, watching television, and generally performing far below one’s potential.

The average person, therefore, has 90 percent or more of their potential in reserve, unused. When you learn how to tap into that enormous reserve capacity, you will be able to do anything you really want in life.  You will begin to perform at genius levels.

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