Facilitation, the Heart of Employee Engagement

November 21, 2013

jscreationzs 1Back in early 1980’s, when America and Central Ohio were in the midst of yet another recession across the country, the economy was hurting the automobile business worse than other industries.  As Tony Robbins once said so well, “In life, you need either inspiration or desperation.”

With this in mind, it was the car industry that created the widespread launch of employee facilitation, the heart of employee engagement.

When bureaucracy was in its infancy, first in agriculture, then in more recent history within the industrial countries, the thoughts and ideas of workers had typically been discounted by both leadership and management. Employees had no say.

In an almost unprecedented move among large industries, the automobile manufacturers and their senior management wanted input from all the ranks in order to survive, and they were ready to listen. Workers at every level were now asked to contribute ideas and suggestions that would make the business better. Process improvement and profitability increased almost immediately and engagement was soon to be commonplace for thousands of employees.

Facilitators came from the work teams rather than from higher management ranks; they would eventually call themselves employee involvement facilitators. These individuals lead and documented within the work teams to increase contributions without fear or personal concern on virtually every aspect of business

These emerging leaders knew that in friendship and within business, only those helping and supporting others create opportunity.  Employee involvement or as Dale Carnegie Training calls it today, employee engagement creates and enables success.

Thankfully, this process is common place in the 2013 organization. The role is an essential one In this current economy; the businesses that grow must engage employees through facilitation and opportunity. Individuals in facilitative roles believe in being positive. They believe in relationship and the power of networking. Getting the most from employees is the true betterment of success.  Our economy here in Central Ohio depends on it.

Engagement and employee facilitation grow business. And isn’t that what wins friends and influences people?


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