Sales is a Dynamic Process!

December 6, 2013

stuart miles MSelling is a truly dynamic process here in Columbus. It is full of wins and losses, good and bad, and successes and failures. But it is all about the ability to bounce back from an unreturned call or lost sale and be back in the saddle again. Here in our part of Ohio, we might be off process a bit. After all, Ohio State and Michigan State are on national television tomorrow night for the Big 10 Title. We have to plan the night.

Complacent is indeed an issue in selling, especially in the areas of cold calling and client management. It can be very easy as sales professionals to e-mail clients and use the tools that social media provides: tweets, Google “plussing”, Facebook messaging, and texting prospects and clients to stay in touch.

It is very easy from a desk chair to build the illusion of productivity and success. Doing things from the smartphone and desk top is simple and easy. But in sales it is a below average substitute for relationship building and management. Although interaction happens in a wide array of ways, one-on-one contact is truly the best strategy to grow a successful sales network. Even a brief phone conversation builds commonality and relationship. And it is only through relationship that we succeed in selling. Humans are social beings, so it does seem logical to build business through social media. But it is a mistake to use only this as the primary prospecting and sales tool.

What is missing is the interpersonal influence. Connection is critical.

Relationship building has to happen for success to take place. It always comes down to the face-to-face situation. Within social media, there is no physical eye contact, body language, or conversation.

Time is the most precious commodity in sales and the phone is clearly a legitimate tool for client management. Stand up when on the phone; have a script in front of you that can be adjusted and lean into conversation just as if the person is in the room.

Your selling and prospecting skills will grow the more you use the phone for opportunity. No matter the platform, focus on relationship and solid communication. Our late founder, Mr. Dale Carnegie always did and we know it brought him great success.

Put motivation into your sales career!


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