The Holiday Challenge for Small Business

December 13, 2013

Renjith Krishnan small businessSmall businesses across Central Ohio are working hard this holiday season in direct competition with the big box and big website e-stores as we head into 2014. There are challenges for leadership and an enormous amount of opportunity to create success.

If the small company is a sales business, serving people at the local level is paramount for profitability. Companies in this situation need a differentiator that separates the products and services provided from the competition. Being visible in the community is a great way to grow visibility. Networking and the Chambers of Commerce are integral to that purpose. It is not who you know or what you know; it really is who knows you. Your identity and your message are always being engaged. In Dale Carnegie’s classic, How to Win Friends and Influence People, everything is founded on relationship and opportunity. Columbus is a great place to have people find your business, and your products and services; marketing  in a positive way is crucial to branding.

Her are five factors loaded with questions that only your business can answer to grow:

  • Decide how the business ties to marketing. Where do you want you and your business to be the most visible?
  • Who is your audience? Do you want to use social media? Is networking at Chamber events the best method for visibility?
  • Do you network and gain visibility in Columbus or do you go across Ohio and beyond? With  social media there are no fences and territories and unlimited potential clientele.
  • How important is reputation? Professional success keeps people employed and widgets made.
  • It is all in the details. How does your marketing exposure equate to business success? When people look for you, your products and services, where do you want to be found?

If the local small business is a sound one with a good business plan and teamwork, it needs to be found in Google and Bing searches. It needs to be a part of the local business scene. Success is truly a numbers’ game. The holiday season is a TRUE TEST. Make it your challenge!


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