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February 27, 2014

IMU NetworkingAs leadership across Columbus and Central Ohio readies itself for the spring season (yes, it is coming), the mantra for many businesses and organizations is to do more with less. 2014 workplace expectations involve achieving more results with fewer resources; the key is to do it without sacrificing any quality. This means everyone is on board and every idea is needed for success. Employees are essential.

Dale Carnegie’s classic business and leadership book, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, offers great advice for challenge that is essential in today’s work environment. Numerous stories within its pages highlight the essential strategies for engagement, making it a wonderful resource for relationship building. Because everything in an organization happens through employee engagement, it is essential to place emphasis on collective objectives and goals.

Our U.S. economy is still a challenging one. Economic growth here in Ohio often means longer hours and additional responsibility. The time is right for the strength of teams.

Mr. Carnegie emphasizes, regardless of task, that the building and maintenance of positive engagement grows both opportunity and success.

Let’s look at seven strategies from Mr. Carnegie:

  • A genuine smile is always welcome and always received.
  • Eye contact makes the other person feel important and needed.
  • Nodding in agreement increases the engagement and discussion.
  • An open and relaxed posture is inviting to increasing dialogue.
  • Physically lean into the conversation to create a visible partnering.
  • Give undivided attention to the speaker at all times.
  • Focusing on the positives of every issue.

In the book, Dale Carnegie discusses some advice he saw in a doctor’s office; here is a slightly paraphrased version: “The most relaxing forces are health, sleep, music, and laughter. Have faith. Learn to sleep well. Love good music. See the funny side of life. With these in hand, health and happiness will be yours.”

The very next time leadership and teams are challenged; remember the advice of the good doctor.


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