The 3 Basics of Relational Customer Service

March 29, 2014

stuart miles serviceIf leadership and management stop for a moment and think about it, customer service is the main focus of success for many businesses and organizations.  Across Central Ohio, spring has finally sprung, and 2014 has a long way to go; two great reasons to have a game plan of service in place. It is important to remember that the difference between failure and success is based solely on how you treat your clients.

There are three basics ingredients for great relationship- driven customer service. Every single one is based on the Principles of Dale Carnegie Training. These are essential for prosperity and growth. The very first Dale Carnegie book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, empathizes the commitment to service that has to be present in every interaction.

Let’s look at the three keys that build relationships:

  • Interpersonal relationships: As soon as the door opens, give the customer eye contact. Even if you are on the phone or already with someone, eye contact and a smile will hold them for the few minutes until you finish what you are doing. When people leave, regardless of purchase, smile, say goodbye, and thank them for stopping in.
  • Incoming phone, texts, e-mails, or Facebook messages: Answer the phone as quickly as possible and remember that a cheerful energetic demeanor is very important. Respond to text messages quickly, and always e-mail responses back to customers as soon as possible. The same day is ideal. Social media is now the new communication platform so make sure inquiries on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are addressed in positive ways.
  • Following up:  Calling people back is an art. If you have to leave a message, smile and speak clearly when you give name, name of business, purpose of the call, and a return phone number.

Customer service is more important than the products the business sells. The great Dale Carnegie once said, “Remember happiness doesn’t depend on who you are or what you have; it depends solely upon what you think.”  Keep your customers coming back with “over the top” service!


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