The Simple Things Good Leaders Do

April 24, 2014

luigi diamanti leadersLeaders make mistakes. In fact, although hard to believe for some, we are all prone to it at any time of the day. Although no one expects management perfection, we find that the simplest of Dale Carnegie principles has to be given its due. It involves both decision making and problem solving. Winning friends and influencing people in a positive way is important for overall success. Leaders must define opportunity, plan continuous improvement, and minimize errors.

Doing the simplest things can make a huge difference in an organization:

  • Engage the people: Sometimes leadership spends a lot of effort on processes, procedures, and e-mails, and they often forget that without face-to-face time, there are more challenges.
  • Stay focused: Having clear and definable goals with means to communicate them minimizes challenge and confusion. Stay on course with consistency and purpose.
  • Stay in touch: Getting ideas and suggestions from the employees doing the job each and every day, makes seeking solutions a much easier task. Talking individually to people is a great strategy for the entire team. Engage and involve everyone.
  • Welcome both challenge and change: This approach in organizations makes sense. Listening to the all the information available truly helps. Welcome ideas from everywhere.  Preventing errors through honest advice is too important.

When leadership has issues and challenges, it is often because management does little of the above.

Focus, understanding, loyalty, and involvement can make leaders and teams successful. Good communication, an open door policy, and clear vision and mission, create the right environment for opportunity and teamwork.

Across Central Ohio, good people and good organizations grow our local economy and positively impact the state in positive ways. Dale Carnegie Training supports healthy work environments and we know that employee engagement is the best strategy of all to keep them that way.


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