6 Customer Service Ingredients that Foster Engagement

May 13, 2014

The importance of customer service is essential across Columbus and Central Ohio. From the convenience stores on I-70 to the restaurants on US 23, it is customer service that brings people in the door and it is service that people remember.

Because customer service is the basis of every good organization, it sets the mission for both leadership and employees to do their best. Presenting both products and services through good client experiences is the key aspect to competitive edge.

Here are six customer service ingredients for support an engaged retail environment:

  • Make satisfaction the top priority: The platform for service excellence is always in happy people. Hire good people who believe in opportunity.
  • Leadership and responsibility: Every single day, lead employees with the best example of commitment, profit and success.
  • Create expectations with effort: Allow employees to build trust and develop personal strategies that support service goals. With empowerment and engagement, there is more commitment to mission and purpose.
  • Make ethics and honesty the core corporate messages: High standards, professional conduct and character mean something to the consumers who want and need our services.
  • Build relationships with everyone: Treating everyone with courtesy and understanding, and representing the business with core values set the tone in every situation.
  • Have respect for team members and customers: What seems like common sense is integral in any situation. Treat everyone as we would want to be treated.

If we look at quality customer service and its impact on the business and clients, it is very simple to believe that by putting people first, mission and core values can be managed and directed. Businesses with this focus are always pioneers in both opportunity and resources. These above Carnegie-focused principles make sense in today’s high impact customer service environment.

The importance of teams in the areas of both results and skills help organizations grow and prosper. Check our website for our featured course, Effective Communication and Human Relations/ Skills for Success. Confidence, enthusiasm, and attitude can make the difference.


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