6 Strategies for Sales Growth

June 21, 2014

sales 3 digital artAcross Central Ohio, the best salespeople have a defined plan of action each and every day. There has to be a process in every sales situation here. Respectable salespeople know that there is a clear and defined “road” that needs to be followed. In fact, professionals build success in a consistent way by having a good game plan for the customer. The key ingredient in any sales career is consistency. It saves time and customers appreciate it.

Networking and prospecting are both at the heart of continuous sales success. These strategies combine to increase opportunity. Building a referral base and managing current clients are simple yet effective in growing opportunity.  It is important to meet people who have an interest in products and service.

In one-on-one situations, asking a variety of open ended questions and taking the time to actively listen will build relationships. Following up with an e-mail, or making a warm phone call a short conversation, often will lead to increased business if it done right. When new clients purchase a new product or service, it should be an integral aspect of the sales process to follow up in a day or two.  By asking how the experience went and how satisfied the customer is also makes for a solid referral opportunity. Ask how satisfied they are with the product or service; and most importantly, ask “who else do you know who would benefit from this experience as well?”

Dale Carnegie Training offers six strategies for sales growth:

  • Have a defined process or game plan
  • Be consistent in every sales situation
  • Meet new people though networking and prospecting
  • Actively listen for information
  • Follow up after the sale every time
  • Ask for referrals

Sales has been all about winning friends and influencing people since 1936. Dale Carnegie’s principles, blended with understanding and consistency, are true ingredients for success.

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