4 Components for Speaking Success

July 5, 2014

people-networking2 summet networkingAnyone who follows Dale Carnegie Training and its Core Principles knows about Mr. Dale Carnegie’s famous and most popular manuscript, How to Win Friends and Influence People. It is one of the best-selling books of all time. What many of us in Central Ohio do not realize is that “winning friends” is not the first book written by Mr. Carnegie that found loyal faithful support and readership.

Back in 1926, Public Speaking and Influencing Men in Business, was his initial effort. This textbook and study guide served as the syllabus for Mr. Carnegie’s Y.M.C.A. public speaking classes in New York City. This initial guide grew into a powerful book on interpersonal relationships and speaking, yet it did not really get cross sectional notice by the American public until 1956 when it was re-edited and published as a Pocket Book. Because of the valuable information that is found in the book, it soon became a top paperback seller; a huge hit for the late 1950’s.

The original material, professionally edited by Mr. Carnegie’s wife Dorothy, was then sold under a different title: How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking. Some of us own the original Pocket Book edition. For those of us who do not have this classic, it can be located  online or at a local used book sale. As an authentic original classic, the book is indeed a wonderful treasure to own in a private business collection.

In the now quick-paced social media world of 2014, leaders and many business professionals present a number of messages that involve some aspect of public speaking, from Google + Hangouts to Facebook posts. And at every business networking event, we are all in some interpersonal situation that involves conversation. Being focused and upbeat as business people is essential to building relationships.

In the historic text, Mr. Carnegie developed strategy in improving the skill of self-confidence, and how to be prepared for speaking events in any and every situation.

Dale Carnegie Training offers this “quick guide” summary on the four components of speaking success:

  • Begin with a purpose and desire: Be enthusiastic and believe in the message.
  • Preparation is everything:  Know ahead of time what the discussion might be about.
  • Be good in presentation: Confidence most always eliminates failure.
  • Repetition: Practice what might be said in an introduction and be brief and memorable. Know what to say without ego.     

Most professionals are successful in front any size audience. The ability to learn and be comfortable is not difficult. Influencing people and winning friends in new relationships is still the most powerful of strategies.

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