8 Reasons for Good Listening and Leadership

July 18, 2014

imagerymajestic listeningAcross Columbus and Central Ohio, it is critical that successful leadership maintain solid relationships inside and outside the organization. As we all know, relationship building is a continuous activity. Since every good relationship involves engagement, it is essential that never forget that our individual and collective success depends on it. It is a mutual growth situation where these interpersonal situations drive opportunity.

In every situation that involves an employee, the ability to ask and retain quality information to support an idea, assignment or suggestion depends on active listening. Being preoccupied or forgetting what was said can hamper both the relationship and the situation.

For Dale Carnegie Training, leadership and listening are important ingredients for achievement for these eight reasons: 

  • Good people must be good listeners to achieve success. Listening for information is critical for process and development of strategy.  
  • Listening is the majority of any discussion: Someone who is talking is not listening and too much talking can often hinder the discussion. Interaction, with two people listening and understanding, is the best approach.
  • Listening is linked to loyalty: People trust leaders who listen. .
  • Listening is a teachable interpersonal skill: Leadership training can really improve listening as a business focused skill.
  • Listening enables success as a team: Listening creates the opportunity for idea exchange and the chance to improve through the suggestions of the workforce. 
  • Listening is an important aspect of coaching and empowerment: Facilitating and learning come from listening quality.
  • Listening is both a help and a support for the employee: Understanding and listening often go hand-in-hand in many situations.
  • Listening is not hearing:  Hearing is a human sense, and it is not the same as listening. Listening takes effort and retention.

Actively listening in every situation is a valuable leadership skill. Whether it involves messages, information, problem solving, or decision making, leaders need to listen to do them well. In organizations, it is the power of others that makes the difference.

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