10 Qualities that Grow Leadership

August 24, 2014

imagerymajestics SBLeadership, as Central Ohio organizations head more deeply into the 3rd quarter and beyond, must focus on employee engagement and growing opportunity. Successful leaders have talented people around them who believe in corporate mission and support the overall objectives regardless of the challenges. Team success is driven by this important interactivity.

Dale Carnegie Training would like to share 10 qualities that grow today’s leadership in the right directions:

  • Ethics: Honesty and truth are the leadership constants that everyone wants to follow and emulate
  • Communication: Sharing both vision and mission and having people believe in them, grows success
  • Attitude: Being positive and enthusiastic in every situation grows strong followership
  • Commitment: Being there for the long haul brings confidence to everyone in the organization
  • Motivation: Giving and receiving enthusiasm from the team gives direction and builds confidence 
  • Accountability: Accept the good and the bad, and trust that the team will change because of them regardless of outcome
  • Student of the business: Know the core business and the competition better than anyone else and share the information to every team member
  • Mentor: Coach the best employees as much as the poor performers to continually grow and facilitate success
  • Flexible: What works today might not work tomorrow. Thinking “outside of the box” and welcoming surprises and change make things happen
  • Risk taker: Expect errors and mistakes to be a part of process improvement. Learning is a key ingredient to making achievement a key component of business  

The components of growing organizations are often based, not on economic conditions, but on the quality of its people. Good leadership will usually combine with a good workforce to build both opportunity and growth. Here in Ohio, from our working farms to our wonderful restaurants, leadership makes things happen when the ingredients are in place. Relationships are everything.

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